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Application of Continuous Seismic-Reflection Techniques to Delineate<br>Paleochannels Beneath the NEUSE RIVER at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station,<br>CHERRY POINT, North Carolina -<br>USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 99-4099

The results of continuous, low-frequency, seismic-reflection profiling surveys conducted in the Neuse River estuary in July 1998 are presented in this report. These results are interpreted in conjunction with vertical seismic-profiling (VSP) surveys conducted in 1995 at the Air Station, and with other lithologic and borehole geophysical data collected at the Air Station. This report also describes additional paleochannel delineation and alignment, as well as the geophysical methods that were used to map the lateral extent, continuity, and depth of the paleochannels. In addition, the scope of work presented in this report includes the development of an average velocity curve from the 1995 vertical seismic-profiling data to convert time to depth.

By Alex P. Cardinell, 29 pages, 1999.




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