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Bathymetry of Bonnie Doone Lake, Kornbow Lake, Mintz Pond, and<br>Glenville Lake, CUMBERLAND County, North Carolina, 1996-98<br>USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 99-4029

This report presents the results of bathymetric surveys conducted at Mintz Pond and Glenville Lake in 1996 and at Bonnie Doone and Kornbow Lakes in 1998. The bathymetry of each reservoir, including volume computations, is discussed, and maps are presented depicting elevation contours of each reservoir. The investigation included (1) collection of bathymetric data, (2) development of elevation contours, and (3) computation of volumes and surface areas. Reservoir volumes and surface areas were related to water-surface elevations at 1-foot (ft) intervals. Volumes of usable storage also were computed for each reservoir and, for Bonnie Doone Lake, Kornbow Lake, and Mintz Pond, were compared to estimates produced during a previous investigation.

By M.J. Giorgino and Raymond E. Strain. 1999. Scale = 1:2400. Approximate size - 33"x42".




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