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Geology and Mineral Resources of ORANGE County, North Carolina:<br>NCGS Bulletin 81<BR>---PERMANENTLY OUT OF STOCK---

The Division of Mineral Resources of the North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development at the request of the Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission initiated in the summer of 1962, a detailed geologic mapping project and mineral investigation of Orange County, North Carolina. The objectives of the project were threefold: (1) map the geology of the area in detail and determine the local stratigraphic sequence; (2) interpret the structure of the sequence and (3) investigate known mines, quarries and mineral prospects in the area and through detailed mapping, locate and evaluate new areas of possible mineral potential, their relationship with the surrounding country rock and their probable mode of emplacement. Includes 32"x24" map of Orange County. By Eldon P. Allen and William F. Wilson, 1968. 58 pages.

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