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Geochemistry and Characteristics of Nitrogen Transport at a Confined<br>Animal Feeding Operation in a Coastal Plain Agricultural Watershed, and<br>Implications for Nutrient Loading in the NEUSE RIVER Basin, North Carolina, 1999-2002 -<br>USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5283

Chemical, geologic, hydrologic, and age-dating information collected between 1999 and 2002 were used to examine the transport of contaminants, primarily nitrogen, in ground water and the pathways to surface water in a coastal plain setting in North Carolina. Data were collected from more than 35 wells and 4 surface-water sampling sites located in a 0.59 square-mile basin to examine detailed hydrogeology and geochemical processes affecting nutrient fate and transport. Two additional surface-water sampling sites were located downstream from the primary study site to evaluate basin-scale effects. Chemical and flow data also were collected at an additional 10 sites in the Coastal Plain portion of the Neuse River basin located between Kinston and New Bern, North Carolina, to evaluate loads transported in the Neuse River and primary tributary basins.

By T.B. Spruill, A.J. Tesoriero, H.E. Mew, Jr., K.M. Farrell, S.L. Harden, A.B. Colosimo, and S.R. Kraemer, 57 pages, 2004.




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