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Click to enlargeA Geologic Adventure Along the ENO RIVER:<br>NCGS Information Circular 35

The Eno River begins in northwest Orange County and flows approximately 40 miles through the historic town of Hillsborough, Eno River State Park and the city of Durham. The Eno River joins the Flat and Little rivers, just east of Durham, to become the Neuse River, which flows into Falls Lake. This relatively short journey of the Eno flows past a contrasting landscape of steep river bluffs, forests, rolling hills, urban areas, historic mills and river crossings (fords). The rocks exposed along the Eno record a long and sometimes violent geologic past of more than half a billon years of Earth's history.

This Information Circular presents the geologic story of the Eno River with insight into the landscape, and the biological and human interaction with the underlying geology. This guide provides details of the basic land forms and shape of the land (known as physiography and geomorphology) of the Eno River basin. General descriptions and origins of the common rock types found along the Eno River and basic geologic history - "The Geologic Story"- of the area is also presented. Interpretive trail guides for select trails within Eno River State Park and West Point on the Eno Park are also provided. By Philip J. Bradley, 2007. 65 pages.




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