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Onshore Rift Basins - NCGS Special Publications 9, 10 and 12

The DVD media contains three related North Carolina Geological Survey Special Publications that describe two continuous Late Triassic (Norian) onshore rift basins of North Carolina and south-central Virginia (Deep River and Dan River total petroleum systems), and assessment units for continuous gas accumulation. Noble gas accumulation, origin and concentrations are described also for both basins.

Special Publication 12 should be read first to provide a context and introduction for the two other Special Publications.

Special Publication 9 discusses the Deep River basin Total Petroleum System, North Carolina.

Special Publication 10 discusses the Dan River basin Total Petroleum System, North Carolina.

Special Publication 12 provides an overview of the Triassic rift / lacustrine basins, their hydrocarbon potential in North Carolina, a regulatory framework overview and data access information. Special Publication 12 also summarizes geological information about the Cumberland-Marlboro ‘basin’.

Users should expand the embedded bookmarks to facilitate document navigation. The three documents are fully searchable.




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