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Heavy-Mineral Resource Potential of Surficial Sediments on the Atlantic<BR>Continental Shelf Offshore of North Carolina:  A Reconnaissance Study -<BR>NCGS Open-File Report 90-3

The Proclamation of the United States Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in March 1983 nearly doubled the jurisdictional area of the United States. Although the location, concentration, and abundance of resources in the EEZ are incompletely understood, many strategic and critical minerals have been shown to exist, locally in large concentrations (Goodwin and Thomas, 1973; Grosz and Escowitz, 1983; Grosz and others, 1986; Grosz, 1987; Berquist and Hobbs, 1988; Grosz and Nelson, 1989; Grosz and others, 1989). As part of a larger effort to assess the potential for mineral resources in Atlantic Continental Shelf sediments, this report presents data on grain-size distribution and mineral components and concentrations determined for 87 surface grab samples from offshore of North Carolina. The grab samples were collected in the 1960's by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the U.S. Geological Survey as part of a joint program of study of the Atlantic continental margin of the United States. By Andrew E. Grosz, Charles W. Hoffman, Patricia E. Gallagher, Jeffrey C. Reid, and John C. Hathaway, 1990. 58 pages.




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