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Heavy-Mineral Data for Selected VIBRACORES from the<br>Southern Inner Continental Shelf of North Carolina -<br>NCGS Open-File Report 93-37

This paper provides a tabulation of heavy-mineral (sp gr > 2.96) data from 67 vibracores obtained from the North Carolina inner Continental Shelf, primarily from the Cape Fear cuspate foreland area (Figures 1,2, and 3), and a description of vibracore processing. This work is part of a multi-year project, designed to develop a stratigraphic framework and to assess the potential for heavy-mineral resources along the southern portion of North Carolina's inner Continental Shelf. This interim report is the third report generated out of this project and focuses on textural data, general ithologic information, and mineralogy of heavy-mineral concentrates from 193 samples representing the 67 vibracores. Basic statistical information is included for certain aspects of the data set. The first report dealt with the geology and mineral resources from 19 vibracores (Hoffman and others, 1991). High-resolution, shallow seismic data formed the basis for the second report, which presented a working model of the stratigraphic framework for the inner shelf area from Mason Inlet to New Inlet, North Carolina (Snyder and others, in press). By John G. Nickerson, Wenfeng Li, and Mary E. Watson. 41 pages, 1993.




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