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Wrench-Style Deformation in Rocks of Cretaceous and Paleocene Age,<br>North Carolina Coastal Plain -<BR>NCGS Special Publication 5

In parts of Craven and Lenoir Counties, in the central part of the inner North Carolina Coastal Plain, tilted, partially-exposed blocks of Navarroan, Midwayan, and Claibornian sedimentary rocks comprise a structural mosaic of horst, graben, and half graben that are arranged in a right-handed, en echelon pattern. The relative positioning of the blocks is established chiefly from variance in the relative vertical and horizontal positioning of flat-lying, indurated mudstones (volcaniclastics) and from the relative vertical positioning of a disconformable contact between the mudstone of Midway age and underlying clayey sand of Navarro age at outcrops and in shallow core holes. Includes two plates. By P.M. Brown, D.L. Brown, T.E. Shufflebarger, Jr.m, and J.L. Sampair, 47 pages. 1977.




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