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The Black Creek-Peedee Formational Contact (Upper Cretaceous)<BR>in the CAPE FEAR RIVER Region of North Carolina -<BR>USGS Professional Paper 1285<BR>---OUT OF STOCK---

It is our purpose to present the data upon which we base our conclusions and to suggest correlations for the upper part of the Black Creek and basal part of the Peedee Formations with Cretaceous units elsewhere in the Coastal Plain province other than the Carolinas. We make no effort in this report to relate our findings to areas outside the Cape Fear River region, nor do we imply that the ages, paleoenvironmental interpretations, and stratigraphic relationships between the Black Creek and Peedee Formations along the Cape Fear River can be extended to other areas of the Carolina Coastal Plain. We intend to treat these topics in future reports that will be prepared when we complete our ongoing investigations of the Upper Cretaceous Series as exposed along the Roanoke, Tar, Neuse, North East Cape Fear, Black, and Peedee Rivers of the Carolinas.

By Norman F. Sohl and Raymond A. Christopher, 1983. 37 pages.




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